Imperial or Chaos Knights: Playstyle Differences

Ben has recently started diving into Chaos Knights as well as Imperial Knights. Come learn the differences between each army and how they are extremely unique even if they share a multitude of model options.

Welcome to the Leagues Kinsfolk

In the Lore The Leagues of Votann are here and it is a big deal! We’re not talking about a new Space Marine chapter, or an expansion of an army that we already know exists. This is a brand new race and a brand new army. Quite the rarity for 40K now a days! LoreContinue reading “Welcome to the Leagues Kinsfolk”

Conquest Battle Report – W’adrhun Vs. Spires

Come read about an epic battle between Ben and His W’adrhun and Brent and his Spires. This game is neck and neck and there is a lot of back and forth that made it one of the best games of conquest i’ve played yet!

Knight Crusader Deep Dive – a Warhammer 40,000 Tactical Breakdown

Ben goes into a deep dive about one of his favorite Imperial Knights the fearsome Knight Crusader. A ranged monster that can be even more deadly with some of the synergies discussed here!

Necrons vs. Chaos Space Marines – Warhammer 40k Battle Report!

Ben faces off against one of the original Line of Sight members Chandler in an epic game of Necrons vs Chaos Space Marines. Both players are practicing for tournaments and doing all the can to win, but who ends up on top?