Seeking the Sea Jotnar

About a month ago, Para Bellum posted a little surprise to their youtube channel. This absolutely beautiful bastard is the Sea Jotnar, an awaited Nord monster thats been in the works for a while, it would seem. Obviously I’m immensely excited for the model; the Ice Jotnar is easily among my favorite models in ParaContinue reading “Seeking the Sea Jotnar”

The Order of the Crimson Tower

So the Order of the Crimson Tower are up for pre-order. When I first picked up Hundred Kingdoms, the Orders are definitely a big part of what appealed to me initially. For one, I’m just a big fan of these paladin-esque knightly order type organizations in fantasy settings. For another… uh… dope horses? Dope horses.Continue reading “The Order of the Crimson Tower”

Conquest Battle Report – W’adrhun Vs. Spires

Come read about an epic battle between Ben and His W’adrhun and Brent and his Spires. This game is neck and neck and there is a lot of back and forth that made it one of the best games of conquest i’ve played yet!

Trolls: Learning Nords

Nords are a diverse faction when it comes to ‘types’ of creatures you can bring to bear. We’ve all seen the brutal Jotnars on the table, acting as a massive hammer to bring down on your opponents forces in the later game. Ugr make for a reasonably solid, more elite choice with high damage andContinue reading “Trolls: Learning Nords”

The Living Legend: Learning Nords

The Hundred Kingdoms can make some pretty solid characters; I talk a bit about kitting out the Noble Lord as a combat character in this article, and building Chapter Mage’s or Theist Priests as magical murder machines is always a good time… but I would say they don’t hold a candle to the brutality ofContinue reading “The Living Legend: Learning Nords”

Blood of the Einherjar: Learning Nords

So yeah, I picked up Nords. The first thing to look at regarding Nords is their unique army rule, Blood of the Einherjar. This is an immensely powerful rule that mainly changes how your opponent has to think about assaulting a Nords army. In short, an damaged Nord model/regiment gets extra attacks, and a NordContinue reading “Blood of the Einherjar: Learning Nords”