Submit an Article!

Do you want to have your article featured on Line of Sight Wargaming? Here’s how you can do that!

  1. Write an article in a google doc, complete with pictures. This document must include a title, your name as you wish it to be included in the article, and all of the article with pictures in order. This article must follow all content guidelines (below) or it will be rejected.

    It must ALSO include a link to either an imgur or google photos album with all of pictures used in the google document.

    Make sure all of these links have view permissions for anyone with link. If we cannot see your article, we will reject it.
  2. Submit your name and email along with a link to the google doc which contains your article.
  3. Expect a response within one (1) week of submission.
  1. Content that is racist, sexist, or discriminatory in any way will be rejected out of hand and future content will not be considered. This includes written or photographic portions of the article.
  2. Content that contains numerous typos, including spelling and grammar errors, will be rejected with an option for resubmission.
  3. Content that is excessively short or long for the subject material at hand will be rejected. For example, 5000 words on a single model interaction that adds little to a game is excessive, but 200 words explaining an intricate list is not sufficient.
  4. Some content will not meet our standards for some other reason than that posted above, including erroneous or inaccurate representation of game rules, inflammatory opinions, and more. If this is the case, a rejection notice will include specific feedback regarding contents fit for our website.

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