Breaking Down List Building for 9th Edition Chaos Knights

Chaos Knight list building is deep, highly customizable, and extremely rewarding. It’s also opaque and intimidating with lots of specific language used to build lists and make them function properly within the rules. This guide is aimed at breaking down the rules and requirements for list building in Chaos Knights in an understandable, approachable way for players of all experience levels.

A Match Made In Hell: Tzeentch/Khorne Daemons

Sup. Chaos! Daemons! Are! Here! I basically got into buying GW stuff because of the Lord of Change miniature, which is one of my favorite minis in all of wargaming to this day. While my interests eventually wandered throughout the ranks of Chaos ever since, Daemons (Tzeentch in particular) were my first love. Then IContinue reading “A Match Made In Hell: Tzeentch/Khorne Daemons”

What Did You Expect: A Dice Math Case Study with Chainsaws!

Kenny takes readers through his process of evaluating min vs max units of models using mathematical modeling and demonstrates how you readers can apply this to their own list building! The case study? The Adepta Sororitas Repentia!

The Unkillable Abominant

Welcome back to another Chaos Knights Combo Analysis! If you missed our first one where we take a look at the Mortal Wounds Rampager Bomb, you might want to check it out if you enjoy this article and want some more suggestions for Chaos Knight load outs. Whereas last time we covered a unique wayContinue reading “The Unkillable Abominant”

Necrons vs. Chaos Space Marines – Warhammer 40k Battle Report!

Ben faces off against one of the original Line of Sight members Chandler in an epic game of Necrons vs Chaos Space Marines. Both players are practicing for tournaments and doing all the can to win, but who ends up on top?