Breaking Down List Building for 9th Edition Chaos Knights

Chaos Knight list building is deep, highly customizable, and extremely rewarding. It’s also opaque and intimidating with lots of specific language used to build lists and make them function properly within the rules. This guide is aimed at breaking down the rules and requirements for list building in Chaos Knights in an understandable, approachable way for players of all experience levels.

Imperial or Chaos Knights: Playstyle Differences

Ben has recently started diving into Chaos Knights as well as Imperial Knights. Come learn the differences between each army and how they are extremely unique even if they share a multitude of model options.

Welcome to the Leagues Kinsfolk

In the Lore The Leagues of Votann are here and it is a big deal! We’re not talking about a new Space Marine chapter, or an expansion of an army that we already know exists. This is a brand new race and a brand new army. Quite the rarity for 40K now a days! LoreContinue reading “Welcome to the Leagues Kinsfolk”

Breaking Down the Word Bearers

After jumping around a number of Chaos factions for some time, I have to say Chaos Space Marines really hooked me in a way the other factions haven’t so far. While most of my time initially was spent with Black Legion, I decided I wanted to experiment a little bit with other legions and seeContinue reading “Breaking Down the Word Bearers”

A Match Made In Hell: Tzeentch/Khorne Daemons

Sup. Chaos! Daemons! Are! Here! I basically got into buying GW stuff because of the Lord of Change miniature, which is one of my favorite minis in all of wargaming to this day. While my interests eventually wandered throughout the ranks of Chaos ever since, Daemons (Tzeentch in particular) were my first love. Then IContinue reading “A Match Made In Hell: Tzeentch/Khorne Daemons”