The Unkillable Abominant

Welcome back to another Chaos Knights Combo Analysis! If you missed our first one where we take a look at the Mortal Wounds Rampager Bomb, you might want to check it out if you enjoy this article and want some more suggestions for Chaos Knight load outs. Whereas last time we covered a unique wayContinue reading “The Unkillable Abominant”

Chaos Knights Combos #1: Mortal Wound Bomb Rampager

In this first in a series of articles showcasing fantastic Chaos Knights builds, we walk through how to make a Rampager that will tear through any number of tough targets with ease! Come check out how to deck out the biggest and baddest of Chaos Knights with the ability to cut through Invulnerable saves and Transhuman turn over turn in this first Chaos Knights Tactics Article!