Astelia: The Black Sun

By Chandler T.

For those who have not watched the first episode of our anthology one shot series, The Dawn of the Black Sun, this will contain spoilers for the events of that episode, as this sets up the world of our story going forward. Also, if you missed the first of our lore articles on the world of Astelia, you should read that here first.

The events of the Lion’s Fall changed everything, though none lived to tell what truly transpired in the Valley of the Sun. None were able to discover the events of that fateful day either, as the world was rocked by an event that would break Astelia apart.

A flash of light and heat struck the land in blinding radiance, but was left in its place was the true horror. The Black Sun had risen, leaving only a blue-lit, black void of darkness in the sky in the sun’s original place. The sun’s life-giving heat was gone, and in short order the land began to creep with an icy frost.

As the temperature plummeted, refugees began to pour into the nine cities. Nearly half of those outside the walls succumbed to the freezing cold, and an emergency plan was set in motion. The world could not survive without the sun, and the Astelian people needed to take matters into their own hands.

The most powerful mages, paladins, and priests of the Republic gathered, and enacted a ritual of immense power. Many died, their life force ripped away by the massive toll such a spell took on them, and in the end nine beings were left, floating above a great table that depicted the lands of Astelia across it. Above each of the nine cities shone a light, basking them in life-giving warmth; the remaining people of Astelia, it seemed, were saved.

Years passed. The people of Astelia attempted to return to some form of normalcy, huddled within their great cities of light as the lands beyond grew ever colder, and darker. After the first five years, the first undead began to strike at the edges of this barely surviving civilization.

In the dark cold beyond the lights of the cities, dark creatures crept and crawled. The lands near the edges of the habitable zones became increasingly dangerous, and those living beyond the city walls adapted, learning to fight… learning to survive, as the friendship and loyalty between the nine cities began to crack.

Our next adventure will begin ten years after the Dawn of the Black Sun. The nine cities of the Republic prepare to meet again, an earnest attempt to strengthen and bolster their bonds of loyalty and cooperation that had withstood the last decade by a thread. It is here, as the meeting convenes, that our next adventure will begin.

Keep an eye out on the Line of Sight youtube channel to see when the next episode arrives!

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