Introducing Chandler!

I’m Chandler, one of the OG Line of Sight crew. I’ve been playing miniature wargames for a little over the last ten years, as well as DMing DnD games for twenty or more years at this point, with some hiatus’s in between. I originally starting doing wargaming specific content when I was picked up as a host for The Leyline, a Circle Orboros cast for Warmachine, about eight years back, and with some twists and turns along the way ended up starting up Line of Sight with Jaden and Bret.

Regarding how I play games, when it comes to board/miniatures games, I like to think of myself as creative-competitive; I like to heavily analyze games and break them down to learn better what makes them tick, and use that to find creative or off-norm ways to play them and throw that at more typical highly competitive or on-meta stuff. This lead me to pushing a pretty ok Warmachine competitive career for a handful of years, but has recently lead me more down a path of analyzing game design, playing a wide variety of different games, and more recently being inspired to push my Dungeons and Dragons work as a Dungeon Master to the next level.

I’m excited to continue work with this whole team, who have all been a hugely positive impact on my life. You’ll find me writing articles on any number of miniatures games, as well as posting content to the LoS youtube channel on DnD, miniatures games, and running various TTRPG campaigns and one shots. You’ll also see me as a regular host on the primary Line of Sight Gaming podcast and True Line of Sight, where we talk a bit about Warhammer 40k.

Hyped for the future! Let’s play some games!

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