Peyton Introduction

Hello ladies and gents, I’m Peyton Preece and I am super excited to be able to start writing for Line of Sight on a regular basis. To give you some basis who I am and the head space I will be coming from in my future articles I wanted to give a brief introduction.

Table top gaming has been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember. My dad owns a small store in Arkansas. When I was little I’d be fascinated with the warhammer models and codexes in the store. When I was 8 I started playing Warhammer Fantasy Battles. For several years I traveled and got quite good with vampire counts and chaos daemons in this game until it was no longer supported after the end times supplements. I then stepped into Warmachine and eventually Warhammer 40k. I started casually in both systems, but swiftly transitioned to a competitive player. Upon its release I was fascinated by Marvel: Crisis Protocol and have dived head first into the marvel community and tournament scene.

My analysis and thoughts towards the games I currently play, Warhammer 40K and Marvel Crisis Protocol, come with a tint of competitive play as that is where a large portion of my game play focuses. I also have a desire to play fast armies. My current armies are the Drukhari, Harlequins, Blood Angels and Chaos Daemons. 

I tend to lean towards fast paced attrition teams, so this type of playstyle is what you can expect me to focus on in the future. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this introduction to me and be on the lookout for some more articles by me in the near future. First on the list is my analysis of my favorite imperial army in the 41st millennium, the Blood Angels and an analysis of the new Malekith card.

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